Privacy Policy

I do not collect personally identifiable information about people, animals, or aliens except when they provide this information to me voluntarily, e.g. by Email. This information is then stored on my laptop, at least until it crashes once again (and all data is lost). It’s happened before (twice) and it’s bound to happen again. I will not sell personally identifiable information about users of this website to others. Really.

I’m guessing that my Internet service provider is storing some kind of personally identifiable information on their server. Dunno. It’s all so technical. Just to be on the safe side, assume that they are collecting more information about you than the CIA, and we’re good. I’m also pretty sure they’re collecting non-personal data through their standard operation procedures or through the use of “cookies.” It would be strange, if they didn’t, don’t you think?

I do know that too many cookies aren’t good for you, so go ahead and delete them. I do, too. Let me know, if you don’t know how, and I’ll help you do it.

I’m not sure what all this means, my computer has a mind of its own.

I do perform statistical analysis of user behavior and characteristics. I’m currently using Google Analytics (who isn’t?). It’s fun. You should try it, too.