Last updated May 11, 2015

Are you a vegan?

Yes. I’ve been a vegetarian since 1982 and a vegan since 2011.

Why did you set up this website?

Once I decided to become a vegan, my choices were all of a sudden much more limited. I had trouble making purchasing decisions due to lack of information about products and services. As a result, I purchased fewer products and dined out less – which was not my intention when I became a vegan.

I realized that this might be a problem many vegans encounter and wanted to share my experiences.

Why is this Website called The Vegan Tourist and not The Vegan Consumer?

Most vegans eventually figure out how to live ethically in their own hometown. It gets more complicated and more of a challenge when we are confronted with unfamiliar territory. Traveling involves a lot of up-front research for vegans, and I want to help provide other vegans with as much information as possible.

There’s a category called “what vegans want” – explain. 

I honestly believe that many business owners aren’t aware that their products are not suitable for vegans but might (easily?) be changed, so that vegans can purchase them, too. The same is true for service providers, especially for restaurants and hotels. I want to raise awareness amongst business owners and let them know how they can add new customers, if they know what vegans want and need.

I want vegans to speak up. Is there something you want but can’t get? What are business owners doing wrong? Tell businesses what you want, and you might get it. I strongly believe in the concept of “supply and demand.”

What are The Vegan Tourist travel guides?

I plan to publish a series of vegan travel guides over the coming years. The first travel guide was published in November 2014 – The Vegan Tourist: Vienna.

What’s cross-contamination?

Cross-contamination is an important issue for vegans. This means we don’t want our plant-based food to come in contact with meat/fish/milk products. Some vegans are more strict than others. Personally, I care very much about cross-contamination with meat and fish, but less about contamination with milk products.

Why are you concerned about the use of sugar in processed foods?

It’s incredibly difficult to find out which food items are suitable for vegans. We don’t just care about animal-based ingredients, but also about the use of animal products during the production process.

Even cane sure is often processed (clarified) with the help of animal products. It’s frustrating to know that so many products are be unsuitable for vegans. It shouldn’t be so difficult to live ethically!